SimplyCredit — An Option to Counteract Disruption

Most community lenders want to grow and deploy automation and analytics that better address borrower needs, but developing a platform can be costly, not to mention a drain on management time. Growth options can seem limited to either ignoring the reality of a changing world, or gambling a fortune on the creation of unproven in-house systems and processes. Fortunately, there is an alternative that allows community lenders to meet the demands of Millennials and grow performing loans.

While our lending partners retain control over underwriting and make use of a free platform, the best part of our engagement is that it works. The application rate for our marketing campaigns have approached nearly 6%, and one of our partners grew lending by 4% in just three months. The service leads to other benefits, too, through the deepening of relationships with members and targeted growth. One partner says about our service: "It's the most successful product launch ever."

A SimplyCredit engagement takes little effort to launch and can be rolled out in a few short weeks. Our toolkit includes high-powered analytics and a dashboard that our partners use to monitor business metrics. Our team has decades of experience in consumer lending, prescreen marketing, and data science. Our tools are automated and free. Your fate and ours are tied to the savings and financial success of your community of borrowers.

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